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Aegis Aegis: single RCX, Vision Command enabled, four-shot rotary cannon. CubeSolver CubeSolver: dual RCX, LEGO Cam enabled, solves the 3x3 Rubik's cube.
Boatman Boatman: single CyberMaster rowboat. HanoiSolver HanoiSolver: single RCX rotating grab with pneumatic claw solves the 'Towers of Hanoi' puzzle.
K9 K9: single RCX, Vision Command enabled, dog that fetches a ball. Xilo Xilo: single RCX, Vision Command enabled, plays circular xylophone.
Biped_II Biped_II: single RCX biped turns in its own footprint. Quad_I Quad_I: single RCX hybrid-pneumatic quadruped turns in its own footprint.
GliderPilot GliderPilot: single RCX 'hang glider'. Hexapod_I Hexapod_I: single RCX articulated hexapod.
LaserTarget LaserTarget: fragment to make RCX light sensor respond to a laser pointer.
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  About FAQ 

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