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  • Compiled CubeSolv.OCX [37 kb ZIP] requires manual registration with Windows\System\regsvr32.exe.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 source [138 kb ZIP] to compile CubeSolv.OCX.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 (SP3) source [44 kb ZIP] to compile CubeScan.exe (CubeScan_VB55_src.zip).
    This code requires:
    • compiled CubeSolv.OCX,
    • Spirit.OCX from Mindstorms RIS1.0 or 1.5 CD (NB. this code was written for the serial IR Tower from RIS1.0 and 15 -- it won't work with the USB IR Tower that comes with RIS2.0),
    • various standard Windows interface OCXs,
    • redistributables from the Logitech QuickCam SDK.
  • NQC 2.3r1 source [9kb ZIP] for top and bottom RCX.
    This code requires:
    • that the RCXs are loaded with RIS2.0 firmware (firmware version frm0328.lgo or higher) and
    • NQC, or an NQC-compatible IDE, specifying an RCX2 target.

  Home :  CubeSolver :  code   instructions  FAQ  
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